Strathberry East/West Full Size Review

If you are like me, you would rather purchase fewer high quality pieces for your wardrobe. My closet is on the smaller side and, therefore, I do not have a lot of closet space. Purchasing fewer, higher quality pieces to build my wardrobe has been one of my favorite ways to save space. I was recently on the hunt for a classic black purse that I can wear with anything. I looked at all price ranges of purses and zeroed in on a few bags that were in my price range and fit my personal style. After narrowing down these bags, I decided to invest in the Strathberry East/West full size bag. In this post, I thought I would give you my thoughts on this bag and write a complete unsponsored review of the Strathberry East/West full size bag in black.

Four pictures in a grid pattern of different views of the Strathberry eas/West bag. The top left image depicts the black bag from the front view. It has a gold metal crossbar running horizontally across the front. There are two metal chains on the top of the bag that are also gold. In the top right, the image depicts a Strathberry black dust bag with the care manual in the front of the bag. The bottom left picture shows the Strathberry East/West bag within the dust bag. The bottom right image shows the East/West bag from the side.

Is Strathberry a Luxury Brand?

Strathberry fits into the mid-range luxury category along with Coach, Ralph Lauren, and Polene. Their bags typically retail in the range of $400-900 price range.

Strathberry is actually newer to the market, founded in 2013 by a husband-and-wife duo. They are based in Scotland but the bags themselves are made in Spain. I found out about the Strathberry brand through a forum post about entry/mid-range luxury designer bags.

Why Is Strathberry Famous?

They set themselves apart with a signature metal bar that is a feature in virtually all of their bags. Several of the designs have been worn by the royal family including Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. In fact, the East/West mini bag sold out quickly after Meghan Markle wore it and popularized it.

Strathberry East/West Bags

The Strathberry East/West line has two sizes: the mini, and the full-size bag. They come in a range of colors and some special edition versions with intricate stitching patterns.

The bag itself has a metal chain that is adjustable to allow for both cross-body and shoulder length use. The exterior is crafted from genuine calf leather and has a microfiber lining on the interior.

The bag is sturdy, holding its shape without bending or collapsing. It has a flap opening that closes over the top of the bag and tucks neatly into a sleek metal bar that runs across the front of the bag. A magnet under the bar further secures the flap in place.

Inside, there are two main compartments that are equal in size. Held within the back compartment there is one small pocket that can hold a few credit cards.

Internal view of the Strathberry East/West full size bag.

What can the Strathberry East/West Hold?

The full-size East/West Strathberry bag is a small-medium sized bag that is big enough to hold your essentials. A wallet, cell phone, lipstick and keys should fit in the bag with ease, however it is not large enough to store much more than that. If you are someone who likes to throw everything but the kitchen sink in your purse, the East/West may no be for you. On the other hand, if you are a minimalist or tend to switch purses often, this bag could be a great option for you.

Strathberry East/West Bag Review Conclusions

Hopefully this post was informative to help you decide whether you want to invest in this bag. I compiled a TLDR pros/cons list to break down my overall thoughts and opinions on this bag.


  • Incredibly good quality. The leather seems to be good quality that does not easily scratch or lose its shape.
  • Beautiful design. This purse is classic and classy in design but stands apart from its competitors with its signature gold bar and metal chain details.
  • Large enough to hold all your essentials without being too clunky.
  • Easily transitions from daytime to nighttime use.


  • The main compartment is slightly difficult to access when the chain strap is adjusted in the full length position. Due to the positioning of the chain on the top of the flap, it restricts the movement of the flap unless tension is taken off the chain. This is easily fixed by lifting the purse from the bottom or setting the bag on a counter or other solid surface.

Overall I feel that the pros of this bag far outweigh the single con I was able to come up with and I am a very happy customer. If I find it in my budget, I will likely be a repeat customer of Strathberry in the future. 

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