when life gives you
lemons, just Add them
in your recipe

Baked sourdough blueberry scones on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.


white bowl with blue rim of tomato soup with a plate containing grilled cheese in background as well as a garlic crock in background


There is a hand holding a rolling pin that has the pie crust rolled over it. The hand is unrolling the pie crust over the pie plate filled with pie filling and the bottom crust.


Several chocolate orange sourdough shortbread cookies on a piece of parchment paper.


There are several sourdough pretzel buns in a serving bowl. In the background, there is another partially eaten bun on a plate with butter next to it.


Several sourdough discard chocolate biscotti on a serving tray with one that has a bite taken out of it.

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Woman with brown hair in a white dress in front of lilac bush
There is a hand pouring in a small amount of vanilla extract into the whipped cream. The powdered sugar has also been added and is in the bowl but not mixed in yet.

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I created Foragers of Happiness to be a place where like-minded foodies can share our culinary adventures and laugh along the way. My goal is to help each and every one of you connect back with our food through made from scratch recipes. I truly believe we gain so much from knowing where our food comes from. I hope you enjoy!

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